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Nichia 7W chip LED light is the best seller in 2019. Nichia chip LED bulb is a brand from Japan, durable, reasonable price. Chip works stably, brings good light, high application.

Currently, on the market, there are many famous LED light brands, using modern LED chip technology made in China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, .... If you are looking to buy genuine LED bulbs at good prices, then consider the Japanese Nichia MR16 E27 7W chip line. With a price that can be slightly higher than that of cheap LED product lines, using Chinese and Taiwanese chips. However, if the costs for repair, maintenance and warranty are taken into account, it is clear that Nichia chip LED bulbs are much more economical. Let's find out what are the advantages of this generation of LED lights using Japanese Chip.

Top 6 reasons to choose Nichia Chip Led Bulbs

Stable light

You may not know, LED bulbs using Japanese Nichia chips have to go through their life after 5 years to consume 3% of the total luminous flux. Therefore, it is not without reason that devices manufactured according to Japanese technology are always highly appreciated for their durability.

Harmonious light colors, soothing eyes

A situation that is very easy to encounter when you buy the wrong cheap low-quality LED bulb, is that the light color of the lamp changes very quickly. Change from yellow to white, even to seven dazzling colors and purple and black, and finally to death. What is the cause? It is known that the main cause lies in poor quality Led Chips, plus poor quality phosphorus, leading to color change after only a short time of use.

Meanwhile, if customers choose to buy Nichia Chip Led Bulbs, they will never encounter the same situation as above. It always keeps a harmonious, stable, soothing color, without flickering.

Energy saving, good heat dissipation
One more great reason to consider this product line. The Nichia Led Chip is optimized for maximum power consumption. Because the chips are placed very close to each other, the power consumption of the Nichia Chip is very small, but the luminescence performance is extremely large. If you put the LED chip of the MR16 E27 7W ball on the scale compared with Led products using Chinese chips, the power consumption is only 2/3.

It's not over yet. Telling you one more interesting thing, Nichia chip is the only chip in the world that uses gold as a conductive material. Therefore, LED bulbs equipped with this chip line have very fast heat transfer features, extremely good heat dissipation and extremely efficient power saving.

Long life

Besides the light of the lamp, the power consumption, the lifespan of the LED product is always concerned by consumers. LED lights inherently own LED Chip technology to help save power, thereby saving money for users. However, when it comes to Japanese Led Chips, the lifespan is many times higher than that of other common led chips. The average life of a Nichia chip LED bulb can be up to 50,000 hours of light.


Led chip Nichia is highly appreciated for the speed of light luminosity. Currently, Nichia's COB Led chip has reached 178lum/W and is constantly increasing with each year of technology improvement.

NICHIA - The world's leading LED chip brand

Nichia is the number one famous LED chip manufacturer in Japan. Possessing many advantages and outstanding technology, manufacturers are constantly improving models and technology, to ensure that they bring to consumers not only a smart and convenient chip generation product, and the price is also very reasonable.

All stages of manufacturing Nichia chips from raw materials and technology are guaranteed to comply with international process standards, undergo thorough and rigorous post-production inspection and quality testing before being delivered to the hands. user.


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