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Brand : NVC

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Product description

The bedroom is the space that affects your mood and mind a lot after a long day of work and after a good night's sleep. Therefore, we need a reading lamp attached to the head of the bed with natural light to create a relaxing atmosphere.

The NWA330 wall-mounted reading light has an elegant, simple and trendy look. Each paint color gives the lamp its own shade: Gold, Chrome, white and black. Compact, lightweight design, rounded lines make it look soft. Summary of NWA330's opinions of customers NVC - Lighting is very suitable for modern interior and design space.

More than aesthetics, luminescence efficiency stands at 40 lumens/W. With this parameter, the light emitted will be just enough to serve the needs of reading. If the luminescence efficiency is large or small, it will adversely affect eye health.

Should I buy a wall-mounted reading light or a traditional lamp?
In the past, people only knew about traditional incandescent and fluorescent lamps. But, they have a common disadvantage of not being environmentally friendly, a large level of power consumption. And if you work for a long time under the light, the user will experience eye strain, affecting vision.

Along with modern science and technology, LED wall mounted reading lights were born and completely overcome those shortcomings. Let's find the answer to the question: why should you buy a wall mounted LED reading light?

+ Eye protection: high light quality, true brightness, focused light shines downwards, does not shine directly into the user's eyes, creating a comfortable feeling.

+ Safe to use: with modern Led technology, the light is emitted continuously, without flickering, so it is very safe for users.

+ Energy saving: the lamp uses LED chip with high efficiency, saving 90% of electricity compared to incandescent bulbs. Lamp life can be up to 10 years, helping users save money to the maximum.

+ Environmentally friendly: LED lights consume less energy, do not emit emissions or harmful rays that cause the greenhouse effect. Therefore, the use of LED lights instead of old-generation compact or incandescent lamps is also a way to contribute to effective environmental protection.

Construction of LED wall-mounted reading light
Led wall mounted reading light consists of 5 main parts:

+ Power supply: the lamp's power supply achieves an efficiency of more than 90%, contributing to saving money on replacement or repair compared to using traditional lamps.

+ Led chip: this is the most important part in the light system. It determines the ability to illuminate and illuminate, as well as the stable operation of the lamp.

+ Radiator: a good radiator design helps the reflector work stably and withstand high temperatures, reducing power costs for cooling devices, increasing the lighting time of the lamp.

+ Lamp cover: the lamp shell is coated with nano electrostatic paint, there are 4 main colors: white, black, silver, copper gold, bold aesthetic taste, easy to combine with many interior design styles. different.

+ Surface of the bulb: using optical lenses, helping to create the highest efficiency in lighting.

Specifications of NWA330 . wall-mounted reading light
Lamp housing: Aluminum alloy

– Finish with 4 colors: Gold/Chrome/White/Black

– Illuminated by CREE XPE . chip

– Power used: 3W

– Light intensity: 120 lumens

– Color rendering index: CRI > 80

– Converging projection angle: 30 degrees

– Color temperature: 2700K/ 3000K/ 4000K/ 6000K

– Input voltage: AC100 – 240V

– Light installation method: Floating mounting

– Protection index: IP20

CE Marking certification ensures quality and safety.

Outstanding advantages

– Aluminum alloy for practical feeling when in use. This material is impact resistant. Powder coating technology 3 layers thick for

- American imported Cree LED chip for high brightness, no glare, technology to minimize blue light, low energy operation.

– NWA330 offers color temperatures for users to choose. If you pay close attention, you will see that the temperature of 3000K is highlighted in bold. This is the right reading light color that the lighting engineer would recommend. Because if you choose white natural light, it will disrupt melatonin (the hormone that stimulates sleep) and make it difficult for you to fall asleep. Choosing which color temperature to use for what will greatly affect your health, especially your eyes.

- The voltage range is wide, so you don't have to worry that when the power is low, the lamp will work poorly or be shorted and damaged.

– Light quality is close to natural light, CRI standard > 80.

– The light opening angle is so small that the light will focus on a more precise point and reduce energy waste.

Lighting application

The NWA330 wall-mounted reading light is portable and suitable for spaces such as bedrooms at home, hotels, resorts... or offices, reading rooms.


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