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Product code : NLED912*

Brand : NVC

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Product description

LED downlight NLED912* is a new product of NVC Lighting. NLED912* was born in 2016 to increase products for the mid-range segment and aim to be affordable for the majority of customers.

With many breakthrough innovations, the NLED912* LED downlight has been asserting its position as one of the “new stars” in the legendary NVC house.

Specifications of LED downlight NLED912*

– The lamp has an elegant and beautiful white shell

– Lighting power: 8W

Luminance: 480 lumens

– Color rendering: CRI > 80.

– Light color temperature: 3000K/4000K/5700K

Outstanding advantages
- High-grade aluminum alloy heat sink, helping to dissipate heat quickly, increasing the life of the lamp.

– The face and body of the lamp, the lamp base is made of high-quality plastic for a glossy surface. Good resistance to water and steam, resistant to O2, CO2, N2 gas and grease. Resistant to high temperatures (below 230°C). Lamps are not inflated and damaged when in contact with aromatic oils or detergents such as alcohol or acetone. In particular, high-quality plastic material helps the lamp not to rust like metal. Therefore, it is suitable for use in coastal areas with a lot of salty air, on fishing boats, sea-view villas, etc.

- Easy to clean, no stains.

- High quality polycarbonate lamp face, anti-glare, good light penetration, minimizing light loss.

- Warranty 01 to 01 within 02 years. Note: NVC warrants the brightness (If within 02 years of use, the light attenuation exceeds 20%).

– Genuine NVC goods with full C/O origin and CQ quality certificate.

*** Warning when choosing lamps made of plastic materials: Currently, some lamps floating on the market use completely plastic materials, without aluminum alloy heat sinks like NVC. Furthermore, made of poor quality PVC material with vinyl chloride, commonly known as VCM is potentially carcinogenic (discovered in 1970). Customers must be very careful when encountering these products.

Lighting application
Suitable for lighting in commercial centers, meeting rooms, reception halls, offices, shops, private houses such as living rooms, kitchens, etc.


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