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Product code : NMOLED3030

Brand : NVC

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Product description

The NMOLED3030 Rigid Circuit LED String Light is a specialized advertising and signboard lighting electronic device.

High-end LED string lights bring beautiful light, create novelty and attract attention. The small, slim wire design includes multiple LED eyes that create a solid, straight light circuit. Create a beautiful light, but the lamp is still energy-saving and safe to use because it uses DC12V DC current. High-grade LED chips for uniform light source and long service life.

With the criteria: standard light, energy saving and long life are enough for you to see that this is the device for your project. A store, shopping mall or square with beautiful, bright billboards will attract more customers and increase revenue and profit.

NMOLED3030 LED String Light Specifications

– Voltage: DC12V

– SMD LED chip

– Color naturalness index: CRI = 70

– Color temperature: 8000K – 14000K

– Power: 12 x 1.2W

– Luminance: 770 lumens

– Projection angle: 185 degrees

Outstanding advantages
– Long life of NMOLED3030 LED string lights. Stable lighting continuously for 30,000 hours. Using new lighting technology, it is possible to save energy up to about 70%.

Using PMMA lens for wide light coverage up to 185 degrees. Gives an illuminated area with no dark spots at all.

Equipped with an aluminum alloy surface, LED lights have better heat resistance and are more durable.

– Design LED eyes in series with each other. So you can cut into pieces to the desired length for easier installation.

- Extremely high color temperature of 8000K - 14000K. Produces a cool, cool white light strip suitable for billboard lighting. With this light color, you won't have to worry about your billboard not being the most popular in the neighborhood.

Lighting application

NMOLED3030 LED string lights are suitable for lighting signs/advertising boards in shops, squares, bus stops, basements


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