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Product code : NBTLED T5E T6E

Brand : NVC

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Product description

Along with the development and popularity of LED lighting technology, NVC's T5 mini LED tube was born to replace the mission of the T5 - NFL*-T5 mini fluorescent tube. NVC's T5 LED tube light has become so popular not only in Vietnam but also in many other countries around the world such as: Qatar, UAE, Oman, New Zealand, Kuwait, Indonesia, Cambodia, Australia, Chile, Denmark - Denmark , Hong Kong, Macau, China, Singapore, Portugal…

NVC's T5 series of mini LED tube lights from 2012 such as T5B, T5G... use plastic shutters. However, the use of plastic materials increases the cost and high light loss. Therefore, through the process of research and testing many times, in 07/2017, NVC Group introduced to the market the NBTLED T5E mini LED tube product with a shot with a mixture of glass and plastic. Both help reduce costs and reduce light loss because light penetrates glass higher than plastic.

Specifications of NBTLED T5E LED tube light

1. There are 4 power levels equivalent to 4 different sizes: 4W - 30cm, 7W - 60cm, 11W - 90cm, 14W - 120cm

2. Light color temperature: Yellow 3000K, White 6500K and Neutral/Day-light 4000K

3. Lighting angle: 140°

Outstanding advantages
1. The price is about 30% - 40% cheaper than the plastic tube.

2. Outstanding brightness up to 95 lumens/watt. Something that almost no other company can achieve at the moment. Therefore, with the same power level, NVC's T5 mini LED tube is always about 25-30% brighter.

3. The material of the two-head seal is plastic, so it has the ability to penetrate light and minimize the dark spot when connecting two sets of lights together.

4. Photographed by glass mixed with plastic, the inside has a nano-powder coating, so it is not broken during transportation like ordinary glass materials, does not catch fire, and is completely fireproof.

5. No flicker, no vibration when looking through the camera, so it doesn't cause eye fatigue when exposed to long-term light like other popular types on the market.

6. Completely removed ultraviolet and infrared (UV/IR) rays that cause jaundice and eye diseases.

7. No mercury, environmentally friendly.

8. Energy saving up to 50% compared to T5 mini fluorescent tube and up to 80% compared to today's popular T8 floating tube fluorescent tube.

9. High-grade aluminum alloy body helps dissipate heat quickly, does not cause heat, and improves lamp life.

10. There is a nano-painted reflector inside the lamp tube to increase luminescence, reduce light loss and good heat dissipation, avoid overheating, increase the life of the LED eye and the whole luminaire.

11. Narrow projection angle of 140° instead of 180° – 188° compared to common LED tubes on the market. This is the most suitable projection angle for LED tubes to minimize light loss

12. Improved 3-pin jack, bottom ground near the body of the trough. Usually on the market is a 3-pin jack in the upward direction, ie 2 wires L, N below, ground wire above. With this design, it looks more beautiful, but it is easy for the wire to leak out because the fire wire (L) is in close contact with the body of the trough with conductive aluminum alloy material.

13. All logos and specifications are laser engraved

14. The product is heavy, firm in hand.

15. Products meet European import standards with CE, ROHS . standards

16. Warranty 01 for 01 within 02 years. Note: NVC warrants the brightness (Within 02 years, the light attenuation does not exceed 20%).

17. Genuine NVC goods with full C/O origin and CQ quality certificate…

Application of ceiling lighting and slits of LED tube lights NBTLED T5E

1. Illuminate the plaster ceiling, wooden ceiling creates soft indirect light.

2. Compact size should be suitable for mounting under product display cabinets, advertising light cabinets, wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, etc.

3. Hotel lobby, bedroom, living room, kitchen, restaurant, bar, cafe, karaoke, villa, villa,...

Some limitations
1. Narrow voltage range 220V-240V ±10%

2. The two ends penetrate about 70% of the light, not completely through the light.

3. Loose accessories, not packed with the box, so it's easy to lose during transportation


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