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Electronic components in the industrial electricity industry

Electronic components are considered as the living dew of industrial electrical machines in production and social life. These components cannot be separated and cannot work alone.

The electricity industry is gradually dominating the Vietnamese market. Electricity is the main energy source serving in life as well as in current production. The equipment used in industrial production and agriculture all use electricity to operate. In the social life, the smallest serving equipment such as cooking rice, fans, ... ... all use electricity to operate. Thus, the electricity industry is indispensable in human life and production. It determines the survival of an entire country.

Electrical industry and electronic components

Today many people drop out of study subjects to study practical disciplines to serve righteous human life. These majors can be mentioned as chefs, civil electricity, industrial electricity ... .. These sectors have short training periods, but when they finish, they often have jobs and immediately. Especially the civil power industry, on the labor market is also very lacking in high skilled and technical people. Therefore, studying civil electricity will bring great job opportunities and also contribute to the progressive development of society.

For industrial production, industrial electricity always carries the decisive factor for the development of the factory. In a 1-day civil power blackout, there will not be much benefit, but in 1 hour production, power outages have reduced labor productivity, causing losses to factories. So the electric industry is always needed in all areas of social life. The electronic components for the production, life and learning processes such as sensors, resistors, Mo circuits ... These components come with industrial machines to create the operation of this. machine when operating.


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