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Concepts, uses and how to classify circuits

Microchips are increasingly used with roles and utilities. Good circuits, integrated circuits are often called short-name ICs. IC was discovered by a German engineer, he created an amplifier that is quite similar to the integrated circuit with 5 transistors. It was later developed into a hearing aid. Then there was the world's first IC chip launch of Kilby. And then Robert Noyvce developed an integrated circuit to a new level when this chip solved the problems that Kilby's version hasn't done yet. With materials from Silicon, this microchip quickly overcomes the previous integrated circuit which marked a big step forward in physics.

So what is IC? According to Wikipedia, the integrated circuit or integrated circuit (IC), is a set of circuits containing semiconductor devices (such as transistors) and passive electronic components. (as resistors) are connected to each other, to perform a defined function. That is, the integrated circuit is designed to function as a complex component.

Uses of ICs

ICs help the integrated circuit reduce the size of the circuit. Also thanks to the IC, the accuracy of the device increases. Especially the use of ICs has increased greatly in logic circuits.

There are two main types of IC including programmable and fixed functions, not programmable. Each IC has its own characteristics of temperature, limit voltage, and working capacity, which is recorded in the information table.

Currently, silicon technology is approaching the limits of integrated circuits and researchers are working to find a new material that can replace this silicon technology.

Classification of ICs

We can classify ICs based on several criteria such as processing signal, technology, degree of integration, utility. Various ICs are designed with different characteristics that can be mentioned.

According to the processing signal:

  • Digital IC: Handle Digital signals
  • Analog IC processing Analog signal
  • Mixed IC: Processing 2 types of signals together.

The degree of integration can be divided into: SSI and MSI, LSI, VLSI (CPU, GPU, ROM, RAM, PLA ...), ULSI.

According to technology:

  • Monolithic: all elements placed on a single-crystal semiconductor substrate
  • Thin film circuits or film circuits are elements created by vapor deposition on glass substrates. It is usually resistive networks
  • Hybrid diaphragm thick film incorporates a number of chips, printed circuit lines for conductors, passive electronic components. The background is usually ceramic and often dipped.

According to use

  • CPU is considered the processor of computers today.
  • Memory, digital data storage
  • RFID technology to monitor use for high-end electronic anti-theft door locks
  • ASIC with the function of controlling ovens, car equipment, washing machines ...
  • ASSP is a standard product for ASIC-specific applications
  • Process sensor ICs such as accelerometer, light, magnetic field, poison, ...
  • DSP Digital signal processing
  • ADC and DAC, analog - digital converter
  • FPGA is configured by customer digital ICs.
  • The microcontroller (microcontroller) contains all the parts of a small computer.
  • Power IC can handle large currents or voltages.
  • System-on-a-chip (SoC) is the system in a chip

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